Support The Homeless Vets


We have created this product to keep track of funds that come into our organization whict people specifically want to go towards helping our homeless veterans.   This will not be something that is available all the time, it only becomes available when we are ware of a homeless veteran in one of our communities.

Currently we just became aware of a veteran that is living on the street with only a couple bags to his name. We would like to help this man get back on his feet as much as we can by getting him a place to stay for the night to shower and rest, and maybe some gift cards for some food.   We are not in the business to enable any “habits” (if there are any) so no cash will be given to this individual, but rest assured we will ensure he has some means to stay fed and be safe.  This is not just a person claiming to be a veteran, this is someone who we know of, and can confirm is a veteran.

Our goal is to help him possibly get a job and get on the right path again, so please any help is appreciated.  I am setting this at a $5 interval so you can change what you donate by adding more of this item to your cart.

We all appreciate your support always.

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