$5 Hero Tim Card


For every 5 dollars donated, half will go to the gift card fund giving back to those who have looked after our veterans through this pandemic, and half will go towards our veterans initiatives. 
Smile knowing that your $5 will be going towards helping our veterans at the same time bringing a smile to those who look after them.



Your donation will help give back to the front line workers and caregivers at the same time as help our veteran initiative.    For every 5 dollars you spare, half will go to buying gift cards for care givers that help take care of all the veterans, thanking them for all their hard work during this pandemic.  The other half of your donation will go towards the veterans initiatives that Adopt-A-Vet continues to uphold. 

We thank you for all your support especially through these trying times.  Your support of the men and women that helped give us the freedoms we enjoy today is second to none.