Adopt-A-Vet started back in 2014 when I brought up in conversation, that I was worried there were veterans in our community living in long term care facilities, that have outlived their families, and are now left in solitude during the holidays.  Between myself and a few of my fellow military friends, we decided something needed to be done. That Christmas we threw in some money which we used to get gifts and stockings for some veterans at the home my grandmother lived at. Seeing the veteran’s smiles, and the gratitude they had, there was no doubt in any of our minds that this was something that needed to be done all the time.

     In 2015, I asked some of my friends on social media if they would like to help.  With their support, it allowed us to once again to visit some vets bringing them smiles which they certainly have earned.

     In 2016, we were able to not only raise enough money to run the event for the veterans, but also raised enough to establish ourselves as a non-profit organization. By doing this, I hope we will be able to raise more money, allowing us to have events though the year for the veterans, as well as an annual Christmas event.

Adopt-A-Vet’s missions are:

  1. Ensure all veterans do not feel left alone and un-appreciated, especially over the holidays. We realized that this was an issue where some veterans were left in solidtude after having outlived their families. Adopt-A-Vet brings them gifts, as well as spends time sharing stories and camaraderie that all of us long for having served in the Candian Armed Forces at one point in our lives.
  2. Ensure stories of local heroes do not fall forgotten by the new generation. Adopt-A-Vet plans on doing this by establishing a partnership with the Safety Village of Windsor, to build a small interactive armory where veterans can interact with the youth and adults that visit the facility. Adopt-A-Vet will also make a video to play inside the building allowing people to hear stories told by our local veteran’s. 

Never forgotten in life……or in death.