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Fantastic Fathers

Thank you Fantastic Fathers for all the support you have shown Adopt-A-Vet.  Everyone should take the time to check out this great group as they are always out in the community bringing smiles. 

• To encourage, promote and support mothers and fathers being fully involved in their children’s growth and development.
• To assist and educate each other to become the best possible parents/parental figures we can be to our children.
• To be sociably conscious, help others in need and give back to the communities we live in when possible.

Long gone is the stereotype that dad goes to work and mom stays home to raise the children. The household, workplace and parenting roles today for mothers and fathers have drastically changed. Both parents usually both desire to work outside the home and both desire to assist in raising the kids. Regardless of the relationship status of the parents, a strong co-parenting plan is highly recommend for the benefit of all family members involved. A community need to address and educate families, along with the general public regarding the benefits of equal/shared parenting amongst two fit parents is now a necessity. Fantastic Fathers Group has recognized this need and wishes to help facilitate and become an engine for this change to redefine the views of today’s modern family. We understand the hardships that are placed on both parents, but believe the current societal attitudes, laws and mindset are outdated, unequal and unfair towards the male parent. We would appreciate support from all mothers and fathers who understand that the best interests of the children are to have mommy and daddy!

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